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Yay! today it rained, well its still raining now as my ever faltering electricity is testament to.

Previously, in my old life(!) I never really had to worry about water, as in, you turn on the tap and water comes out. Here we have a water-well (no government water access for us), the problem with it is that we live up a rocky mountain and the water-well is only 5m deep. Apparently it cannot be dug any deeper due to the hard ground.

So when the washing machine has been on twice, and we've had a couple of showers and maybe done the dishes, that's the water in our tank nearly done!

So, even though when it rains and the electricity constantly goes out, it is a very welcome sight because we can fill up the tank at the house and not have to worry about having enough water to flush the toilet!

well drilling = expensive

Yeah, there are quite a few companies that can drill water-wells, one of the biggest is Samui Deep Well. They will guarantee water with every contract by drilling up to 100m. The cost, roughly 100,000 baht! At the current exchange rates that's about 2,000 GBP, pricey?

There are alternatives, although rocky ground gives them problems, but they will dig a 20m water-well, a standard depth, and again they guarantee water. We saw these guys dig 3 Wells before they managed to get water, they fill the dry ones back in.

The Well Diggers

They are marginally cheaper at roughly 20,000 baht (about 400GBP) but they probably wouldn't even price it for us due to the rocky ground.

Check out the rest of my flickr pictures of these guys here.


Is verry easy to drill in verry hard rock formation - but with down to hole hammer with air flow

Find a company and do a good well - @ 50 to 100 m deep

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